The 25 Best Things I’ve Seen on the Internet in 2019


Every year-long trip around the sun, another 10 internet years goes by. Here are my annual picks for “Best things I’ve seen on the internet in 2019.’

  1. The refreshed introduction to the long-awaited Final Fantasty VII Remake, what was considered “quite possibly, the greatest game ever made.’ You’re about to see a game break all sorts of sales records in 2020.

  2. The “Whatever it Takes” official trailer for Avengers: Endgame. This was also the title reveal of the movie.

  3. Nicholas Thomson’s heart-pumping read about fifteen months of organizational collapse at Facebook, and while still profitable has entered the digital dark ages.

  4. Jenny O’Dell’s piece on why we need to learn to do nothing. In an attention economy that outrages, splices up, and over-complicates topics to generate clicks, we could do more of this. I learned to start doing that this summer, and it’s made me a better inner person.

  5. Eric Roston’s Bloomberg article on what will be the massive cost of climate change by 2030.

  6. Zion Williamson throws down an in-game, 360-degree windmill dunk on January 5th, 2019. #Witness

  7. This reddit comment on advice for high school students looking for better study habits. Can and should be applied beyond teenagers and beyond high school.

  8. This article raising awareness about the critical threat to Venice, Italy from over-tourism, and the greed driving its demise.

  9. The Productivity subreddit’s list of foods you can eat to help get more done.

  10. The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

  11. This list of free software that’s so good you can’t believe it’s free.

  12. This tweet mocking the AGILE trend in management, and showing we have a lot of work to do.

  13. Eddie Murphy’s immediately legendary SNL Monologue.

  14. The Economist’s interview of David Graeber, the author of Bullshit Jobs and anthropologist at the London School of Economics, makes a good case for why the “best” jobs are populated in cities and the disconnect between management consultants and their core output: productivity.

  15. This impression of Tracy Morgan done by Alec Baldwin on Conan in 2011.

  16. The New York Times’ longform piece on the Mr. Rogers No One Saw.

  17. GQ’s account of the War on Sneaker Bots, the algorithms and programs written to drive up the cost of sneakers by resellers of the sneaker world.

  18. John Oliver destroying SantaCon and mocking the people that still attend in 2019.

  19. Ken Klippenstein fooled a white supremacist and acting Iowa Congressman into honoring the service of Colonal William Jessup, a fictional character created by Aaron Sorkin.

  20. This Spotify Playlist of songs the most redditors upvoted as “perfect.”

  21. Ronan Farrow’s heart-pounding book excerpt in Variety on how a former Mossad agent hired by Harvey Weinstein was hired to track and stop his reporting.

  22. This tweet teasing the most detailed reporting done by Fox News in about twenty-five years.

  23. This space exploration Simulator.

  24. The funniest tweet of 2019.

  25. Jimmy Kimmel contrasts two big American moments from the past and present.

Enjoy an unproductive January 1st before getting back to it the next day. Have an amazing 2020, y’all.

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Matt DeSiena's the Head of Strategy at The Winston Project, a marketing collective based in NYC. He's also held senior strategy roles at Bold Move, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, and served on the board of the Cobble Hill Association.

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