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The 25 Best Things I’ve Seen on the Internet in 2018


Every year I post a list of my favorite things on the internet. Over the past five, they’ve been, well, more political than I’d like. This year needs to come to a close differently. To kick off a 2019 without Facebook and end 2018 on a positive high note, I picked out the 25 things that were not only enriching, but brought me joy as well. So clear a few hours on your break (I know you...

A Taste of What’s to Come


The feeling of writing your site’s first post is much like the first time you eat cannoli — you hope it happens as often as possible, but it’s not the first dessert you immediately think to eat. Well, thanks to the magic of Asana — I’ll be reminded to blog *and* eat the standout cannoli at Court Pastry Shop at least twice a week. (Also added: Morning workouts.) This begs the question that’s...