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The Best Books I Read in 2018


For all the ups and downs of 2018, I’ll never be able to repay the 2017 version of myself for making more time for books (often on long flights) and less time for outrageous clickbait. If 2019 leads you to do the same, here are some fantastic places to start: Factfullness – Hans Rosling. The premise (and the conclusion) of this book is beautiful — The world is amazing, and no one...

A Taste of What’s to Come


The feeling of writing your site’s first post is much like the first time you eat cannoli — you hope it happens as often as possible, but it’s not the first dessert you immediately think to eat. Well, thanks to the magic of Asana — I’ll be reminded to blog *and* eat the standout cannoli at Court Pastry Shop at least twice a week. (Also added: Morning workouts.) This begs the question that’s...