I love hospitality, adventures, and Italy. This journal will feature a lot at all four. (In a related story, I’m also bad at counting.)

In between 20 minutes of ab exercises I attempt in the morning and the dinner that ruins those efforts at night, I’m a content director based in Brooklyn, NY.

I tell my clients: I blend arts (creative & storytelling) with science (human behavior, habits, hierarchies of need) to make a brand and its products both stand out and be useful.

I tell my Mom: Facebook and stuff.

I tell myself: I’ll make the next Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.* (Fun Fact: This movie was financed by a guy who knew absolutely nothing about filmmaking but helped Quaker Oats showcase the Willy Wonka brand to eventual buyer Nestle.)

But I won’t be writing about what I do. This is a place you can find the things I’m emotionally moved to write about. When you click the ‘home’ button, I genuinely hope that’s what you feel.

Game on.


*Definitely without Johnny Depp.